Why Marketing Intelligence Is a Better Way To Analyze and Report Brand Performance


Problem: Brand managers are used to taking a broad, integrated perspective. Today they are in danger of being blinded by disjointed data and dysfunctional analytic technology.
Solution: Marketing intelligence, a new analytic technology that harnesses all the data brand managers have access to, equipping them to make rapid, intelligent, data-driven decisions with respect to building their brands

A best-in-class marketing intelligence platform has the following capabilities:

  1. It aligns people and market planning processes by supporting collaborative, timely insight development and decision-making.

  2. It harnesses data from, and delivers value to, the entire enterprise—not just the marketing department.

  3. It creates measurable value, such as improved customer acquisition and retention rates; higher revenue per customer; and improved productivity of media spend.

  4. It supports and enables the organization’s existing best practices to help overcome inertia around adoption of new technologies.

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