Why a Customer Data Platform Is a Better Way to Translate Marketing Data Into Growth


Problem: Brand managers are used to taking a broad, integrated perspective. Today they are in danger of being blinded by disjointed data and dysfunctional analytic technology.
Solution: Customer Data Platforms (CDP), are a central hub for first, second, and third party data, controlled by the brand managers. A CDP gives brand managers complete access to data, equipping them to make rapid, intelligent, decisions.

A best-in-class customer data platform has the following capabilities:

  1. It harnesses real-time customer data for use by the entire enterprise—not just the marketing department. It gives the business a holistic view of each customer and allows for more seamless customer experiences.

  2. It creates measurable value, such as improved customer acquisition and retention rates; higher revenue per customer; and improved productivity of media spend.

  3. It turns first-party data into a competitive advantage, by enabling direct interaction with the customer, and allowing marketers to activate custom audience segments across media platforms.

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