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Marketing Intelligence: The Key To Improved Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Marketing ROI

How quickly can you make marketing decisions with confidence?
In the first ever research report of its kind, Velocidi commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the current state of enterprise marketers' ability to turn customer and media data into actionable marketing decisions.

Download Velocidi’s Marketing Intelligence Maturity Report and learn:

- Why firms fall short when they think of marketing intelligence as “dashboards”
- What it takes to close the gap between insight generation and action
- Why Marketing must own and drive marketing intelligence initiatives

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Marketing intelligence drives bottom line, but Marketers define it with table stakes capabilities.

While the vast majority of firms understand they must bring marketing intelligence capabilities to bear, they still think of marketing intelligence as a reporting dashboard – a source of information, more than insight and actionable recommendations.

Marketers are at risk of "Garbage In, Garbage Out" Situations Likely to Lead To Poor Decisions.

Data management is a foundational capability within marketing intelligence, establishing the quality of the raw materials of marketing decisioning and action. The overall picture emerges that even these table stakes capabilities aren’t being adequately covered today.

Firms struggle to collaborate with data, and connect insight to action.

Data is still controlled and applied by a select number of specialized, siloed entities within the organization. And, for many firms, the tools they have don’t encourage use in planning: 61% report that the tools take a more backward-looking view than forward looking.

Firms gear up behind marketing intelligence initiatives.

Marketing intelligence initiatives represent a differentiation opportunity today, but are poised to become a requirement in the near future. Just over one third of firms have implemented a marketing intelligence initiative, while the vast majority of firms not currently running a program are in the planning or discussion stages.

Marketing Executives Tapped To Lead Marketing Intelligence Initiatives.

Over half of companies in the study have tapped a senior executive within their organization to champion their marketing intelligence initiatives. Interestingly, those senior leaders were 13 percentage points more likely to represent the marketing organization than to sit in an analytics role.

Firms underestimate marketing intelligence initiatives’ benefits.

Firms actively running marketing intelligence initiatives were more likely to say they saw improvement in both customer KPIs and business metrics, compared to what those firms who were planning or discussing an initiative told us they were hoping for.

rand Managers Can Use Marketing Intelligence to Make Smarter Decisions Faster